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Compost Producer Map

The Composting Industry in California worked diligently to include a procurement policy in SB1383, which resulted in Article 12.

Now, Jurisdictions and the Composting Industry have the chance to work together to save water, reduce pollution, lower GHG emissions from landfills, and support more sustainable agriculture through compost application.

To ease this process, ACP has created a map of 1383 compliant member composters in California who are willing and able to collaborate with Jurisdictions and direct service providers to meet their procurement goals.

This map only lists ACP Members. If you are an ACP member and would like to be listed on this map, please email associationcompostproducers [at] or fill out this form:


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We bring together compost haulers, producers, and stakeholders, including non-profits, government agencies, compost users (farms, landscapers, municipalities), and more.


Together, we use compost to build healthy soil in each California County where our members do business.

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