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The Association of Compost Producers strives to be a resource for all composters and compost stakeholders across California.

California is the largest compost market in the country, and we are proud to support the entire compost lifecycle, from organics waste management to transportation, processing, and application.

Compost is a valuable resource that has been gaining traction among policy makers, landscapers, and home gardeners. We are working diligently to increase the quality and quantity of compost across California.

This page is a compilation of resources for composters, policy makers, landscapers, gardeners, and anyone interested in building a circular economy. 

If there are any resources you would like added to this website, please email us at

info [at]

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We bring together compost haulers, producers, and stakeholders, including non-profits, government agencies, compost users (farms, landscapers, municipalities), and more.


Together, we use compost to build healthy soil in each California County where our members do business.

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