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Join ACP to connect with professionals who are working to support the implementation of SB1383.

SB1383 requires California Jurisdictions to reduce organic waste and procure recycled organics, such as compost. ACP members are working to help jurisdictions meet their procurement targets cost-effectively and efficiently through compost application to agriculture, city and park land, for erosion and stormwater control, and other useful applications.

ACP members have developed their own approaches to supporting jurisdictions in compliance with SB 1383 in their respective counties.  


The following Supporting Members have chosen to share what they are doing in their respective jurisdictions and statewide as a resource to fellow compost producers and users (Article 11 and 12).  

SB1383 Procurement: Zero Foodprint’s Compost Connector

ZFP increases demand for compost throughout the state by providing rebates for farmers to apply compost.

Zero Foodprint is a non-profit that helps jurisdictions meet their SB1383 Procurement requirements by navigating reporting requirements and increasing farmers’ and landscapers’ purchasing power for compost.


  • ZFP works with Farmers to find the nearest and most suitable composter.

  • ZFP works with Composters to fulfill orders and/or offer customer rebates.

  • ZFP can help increase compost turnover at your site.

ZFP provides rebates to:
Any grower of agricultural products in the state of California who is not using this compost purchase towards another SB1383 Procurement Credit. This program only covers the compost portion of an order, and rebates are available for orders up to 500 tons.

“ZFP deploys a very efficient and simple process for meeting the needs of their program participants and communicates effectively with all parties involved in delivering a “complete solution” from beginning to end.”

Craig Kolodge

San Pascual Valley Soils

ACP Member

SB1383: California Compost by Agromin

Agromin works with jurisdictions across California to help them reach compliance for SB1383 Procurement through personalized jurisdiction assessments, real-time tracking and reporting to CalRecycle, a web-based portal with 24/7 accessibility, training videos, and more.

San Pasqual Valley Soils

San Pasqual Valley Soils is proud to partner with another ACP supporting member, Zero Foodprint, and their Compost Connector Program!

This new program was developed to promote healthy soil and carbon sequestration while also incentivizing the distribution and use of compost and mulch created in support of CA SB 1383. It is open to farmers and ranchers in San Diego County that would like to save money purchasing our SB 1383 compliant compost. If you are interested in receiving a rebate for a partial reimbursement when buying SPV Soils’ SB 1383 compliant composts and mulches, you must first join the program.  See link below for details.

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We bring together compost haulers, producers, and stakeholders, including non-profits, government agencies, compost users (farms, landscapers, municipalities), and more.


Together, we use compost to build healthy soil in each California County where our members do business.

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