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Biological Compost Assessments

Katya Forsyth

Jul 17, 2024

Join us on July 17 at 10 am to learn about different methodologies for assessing the biological health of your compost and soils.

This webinar will host several professionals from various backgrounds and work experience but all related to the health of our soils.  The invited speakers will cover various methods and practices that are currently available for assessing "healthy soil" and "healthy compost" both from a chemical and biological standpoint.  A preliminary discussion of what "healthy soil" is, how it is currently defined and the evolving perspectives on what "healthy soil" should be from a biological standpoint will be introduced.

Adam Cobb - Soil Food Web School - assessing soil/compost health from a biological perspective and methodologies for doing so.

Craig Kolodge - San Pasqual Valley Compost -

discussing current compost quality industry certification program (STA Program) What is the STA Program? Why was it developed? Who benefits from the STA Program? What is involved with the STA? How to get certified?

Christine Lenches-Hinkel - 301 Organics - share case study/field experience working at the Rose Bowl Stadium where compost quality was critical to get right and employing both chemical and biological analysis; sharing insights on the utility of knowing what the biological makeup of compost is for ensuring optimal performance of compost on high end green assets such as turf grass at the Stadium.

Cory Miller - Grass Valley Farms, Missoula, MT - turf grass and hay farmer on 2,000 acres using Soil Food Web methodology for assessing biological conditions in compost and managing his farm without use of chemical fertilizers

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